Mentors with multi-year experience in the field will help you customizing your prototype. Some of the data providers will be also present to explain their issues to you.

Aydın Öztunalı

Dr. Oztunali is multidisciplinary person, angel investor, competition consultant, startup mentor, writer and instructor. Having 20+ years of experience in business, he is a true believer of the idea that entrepreneurial spirit is the main driver of human wellbeing in anyway.

Uygar Özesmi

Dr. Özesmi is an Environmental Scientist, who founded Good4Trust.org and Change.org in Turkey in 2012. He still leads both organisations. Formerly he was the Executive Director of Greenpeace Mediterranean (2008-2012). In addition, he also founded the first crowd-sourcing site in Turkey called kusbank.org in 2001. Dr. Özesmi who has more than 100 scientific publications and a book, has a daily program at Açık Radyo 94.9.

Mathias Böswetter

Mathias Böswetter is Head of Digital at the German Solar Association, the interest group of the German solar energy industry with about 800 members. There he is responsible for pushing the digital transformation of the solar industry in particular and the energy transition in general in the course of projects and conferences.

Hasan Yaşar

Hasan Yaşar is the Secretary General of Zero Energy and Passive House Association (SEPEV). He is a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur with extended project management and sales experience in construction sector both in Turkey and internationally. He has been working on energy efficient buildings and building envelope systems for over 10 years.